Yamaha P45 Digital Piano Review

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Yamaha P-45B Digital Piano – Black
  • The 88-key graded hammer standard keyboard with matte finish black keys ensures high playability
  • There are 10 stereo sampled voices
  • Dual mode – two voices can be combined for further versatility

  • 88-key graded hammer digital piano
  • Adjustable touch sensitivity
  • Duo and dual modes
  • 10 sound options
  • Computer connectivity using USB

The P-45 is one of the latest releases from Yamaha, with the new digital piano serving as the replacement for the much-loved P-35. An 88-key digital piano with weighed action, the P-45 is one of the best entry-level models currently available.

Simply put, you will struggle to find a digital piano with as good a sound and range of features for a similar price. The P-45 includes the core functions that made the P-35 such a renowned model, while also adding a few new exciting features of its own.


Yamaha P-45 Digital Piano Review
P-45 piano

Perhaps the first you’ll notice about the P-45 when unboxing it is just how lightweight it is. This digital piano’s chassis weighs a modest 25lbs, so professional players looking for something that’s easy to transport will certainly like what they see.

Yet the P-45 is a great choice for beginners too. Yamaha have included their famous Graded Hammer Standard keys, which make learning to play that bit easier – not mention more authentic.

For example, the low-end keys have a light touch compared to the high-end keys. This very-much replicates the touch and feel of an acoustic piano, which is one of the best features to help learn the nuances of how keys respond.

This is also a great function for more experienced players, providing the opportunity to practice and improve their techniques without having to play on an acoustic piano – which takes up more space and costs a good bit more.

Furthermore, there are four different sensitivity levels to choose from, allowing players to get the right level to match their playing ability and style. However, when set to the lower settings, the keyboard may be a little too noisy on low volume settings or using headphones.

The inclusion of the Advanced Memory Wave (AWM) sound engine provides two distinct piano tones to play with. Each one offers the upmost clarity and perfectly replicate the tones they produce.

There is also a selection of additional tones from other instruments, including electric pianos, organs, and Yamaha’s famous vibraphone tone.

The AWM engine really helps the P-45 shine, no matte what tones and instruments are used. The piano tone produced is exceptional quality, namely thanks to the inclusion of a new 63-note polyphony.

This results in an incredibly deep and expressive piano, as the double the number of notes is held when the sustain pedal is used. A similar effect can also be created when using the dual layer mode, so there are a few ways to create these rich tones.

Not all the other instruments offer the same tone quality as the piano tones, but that is to be expected, and the tones produced are still impressive – they just don’t match the incredible sound of the piano tones.


The P-45 also comes with cool features that make it a great piano for playing with friends or even teaching students.

For instance, the duo mode setting splits the keyboard into two different sections to be played at the same time. Similarly, dual mode lets two people battle it out by creating layered sounds using two different voice setting.

An attractive stand is available for the P-45, although the L-85 stand is sold separately. However, if you plan on using it mostly at home, it’s a great investment as it really transforms the piano into a showpiece you can proudly display.

All in all, the Yamaha P-45 is a great entry-level digital piano. The 64-note polyphony makes it easy to produce several notes at once, with the piano tones in particular sounding fantastic. A lightweight chassis makes transporting the piano easy, whole the 88-key GHS keyboard feels as good as an acoustic, making the P-45 a great option for beginners.

Yamaha P-45B Digital Piano – Black
  • The 88-key graded hammer standard keyboard with matte finish black keys ensures high playability
  • There are 10 stereo sampled voices
  • Dual mode – two voices can be combined for further versatility

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Yamaha P45 Digital Piano Review

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