Roland FP-30 88 Key Digital Piano Review

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The Roland FP-30 88 Key Digital Piano Black represents the top tier digital pianos from one of the recognized leaders in the musical instrument industry. The engineers at Roland have been designing digital pianos and keyboards for the music industry for more than 50 years. Their instruments can be found being used by a wide range of users from churches, garage bands and even some of the most successful singing groups all around the world.

Roland FP-30 88 Key Digital Piano

Roland FP-30 88 Key Digital Piano


The FP-30 88 Key Digital Piano is part of Roland’s upper tier of digital style pianos and the sound that they produce is on par with traditional acoustic pianos. The 88 keys each represent one of the 88 notes that FP-30 reproduces and turns into beautiful sounding music. The weighted style keys help to give the user a pleasurable experience as they hit each key. Along with the 88 notes, there are additional programmed sounds that can be selected to accompany the music being produced by striking the keys.

It weighs in at a healthy 14.1kg (31.2 lb) so it is not exactly light as a feather, but it isn’t really all that heavy. It is much smaller than a traditional piano and it can be set up on any one of the optional stands that are available. The overall dimensions of the digital piano are 1300 mm (51-3/16 inches) wide x 284 mm (11-⅞ inches) and 150 mm (5-⅞ inches).

It also has a number of external ports for connecting two different style headphones (standard ¼” and 3.5 mm jacks) to allow the person playing it listen to the music as they are and playing to avoid disturbing others in the room. It also has two USB ports for plugging in a USB drive to record music and one to connect it directly to a nearby PC. There is also built-in Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

There are a number of optional accessories that are available that are designed to work directly with it including:

  • Additional damper pedals
  • Dedicated pedal board
  • Keyboard Stand
  • Dedicated Stand
  • USB Flash Drive
  • Headphones


The Roland FP-30 88 Key Digital Piano Black package includes a number of accessories like a DC power adapter, power cord, music rest (for holding sheet music) and sound damper pedal

Key Features of the Roland FP-30 88 

  • 88 notes, PH-4 standard style keys
  • Built-in power amplifier and 2x 4.75″ speakers.
  • Standard and mini headphone jacks.
  • Built-in Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Includes built-in sounds beyond the standard 88 notes.


Advantages of the Roland FP-30 88 Key Digital Piano Black

  • Highly compact, lightweight design makes it perfect for limited space.
  • Delivers exceptional sound quality that would rival a traditional piano.
  • Use it in conjunction with many of the available MIDI recording apps via Bluetooth.
  • It has four built-in modes that make it extremely versatile; whole, dual, split and twin.


Disadvantages of the Roland FP-30 88 Key Digital Piano Black

  • The keys tend to be a bit on the tight side and might not be to everyone’s liking.
  • The lone foot pedal has a tendency to move around too easily.
  • It is priced a bit on the high side for someone on a budget.

Roland FP-30 88 Key Digital Piano Review

What are other people saying about it?

As part of our research for this product review, we did a lot of checking online to see what other people who bought this specific product were saying about it online. We were able to find a number of consumers posted reviews for the Roland FP-30 88 Key Digital Piano Black. We have included a summary of some of the things that other people have posted online about it.

“The weighted keys of this digital piano gives it nearly the same feel of the keys on my previous acoustical piano” according to one of the people who posted a review on the Internet.

“The only negative thing I can say about the Roland FP-30 is that the included foot pedal moves around way too much and there should be a way to hold it in place” that is according to a couple of people.

“I really like how the sound generated by the Roland FP-30 88 Key Digital Piano Black sounds so much like the much more expensive acoustic piano that I had when I was a kid” This was said by a number of people after using theirs for a while.


 My Final Thoughts

Roland FP-30 88 Key featuresRoland is the undisputed leader in the digital musical instrument industry, they have been making top of the line digital keyboards and pianos for more than 50 years. No matter what your budget, you can be sure that you will be able to find a Roland model to fit it. The FP-30 88-Key digital Piano is part of Roland’s top-tier digital pianos.

It features 88 notes or keys and is color coded either black or white accordingly.and weighted keys help to create a beautiful sound that closely rivals the sensitivity of a traditional sound that you will hear coming out of an acoustical piano. While the internal speakers leave a bit to be desired, if you plug in a set of headphones or plug it into a nearby amplifier you will be able to truly enjoy the great sound.

The lightweight and compact design of the FP-30 Black makes a great choice for an anyone looking for a great sounding piano, especially if you are limited on space, such as a small flat. It can also be loaded into a vehicle and easily transported to another location.

So, if you are in the market for a really good digital piano we would highly recommend the Roland FP-30, as it is a quality digital piano from the most respected name in the digital musical instrument industry.

Roland FP-30 88-key digital piano, compact design with first-class Roland piano...
  • Rich, responsive tone from Roland's renowned SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine
  • Free online piano lessons with Skoove included ***
  • 88-note PHA-4 Standard keyboard provides authentic piano touch for maximum expression

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