Digital v Acoustic Piano – Which is best?

  Anyone looking to invest in a piano has two options available to them – a traditional acoustic piano or the modern digital piano. Each has their own benefits for a budding pianist, although there are aspects that will dictate your decision, most notably your budget. There are plenty of reasons why you may consider…

Learn the Piano

Best Way to Learn the Piano

A Guide to How to Get Started for the Best Results Music is something that seems to fill the hearts of everyone around you with joy. It is great to be able to turn on your favorite song and bring joy directly into any space, but what is more powerful than that is having the…


Tips On Buying A Keyboard For Beginners

Music. It’s a powerful and incredibly emotional force, and some are gifted with the ability to play instruments and create beautiful works of art. In this case, the keyboard is the instrument of topic, and there have been many moving and mesmerising compositions played upon it and it’s sibling, the piano. But if you wanted…